Meet Our Team at Blue Water Express

At Blue Water Express we’re lucky to have the most qualified, experienced and dinamic team, composed of people who work day by day with passion and enthusiasm in close relationship with our customers, providing outstanding customer service and exceeding any expectations in our industry.

Our main asset is our people and we take pride in hiring passionate professionals, whatever their job, seniority or previous experience.

Sam Fellows

Phone: (972)754-0746

Shelby Francis

Owner/Service & Construction
Phone: (972)816-8324

Tori Jaques


Phone: (214)675-8800

Robert Fellows


Repair Technician
Phone: (972)757-0753

Carlos Ceja

Maintenance/Repair Technician
Phone: (972)836-5650

Phillip Boyles

Maintenance Technician
Phone: (214)966-2412

Jeremy Fellows


Maintenance Technician
Phone: (214)392-6404

Brandon McCormac

Maintenance Technician
Phone: (972)310-9123

Anthony Ramos

Maintenance Technician
Phone: (469)734-3655

Matthew Wiens

Maintenance Technician
Phone: (214)683-7733

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