When it comes to Pool Service and Repairs, you will find no better company than Blue Water Express.  We’ve been in the business of servicing and repairing pools since 2001,  it’s what we know, and the testimonials of our satisfied customers agree.  Each pool we service, we treat as if it was our own, and our quality work is fully backed and guaranteed.  When our certified technicians service or repair your pool to the standards that meet and exceed your expectations, then we’ve done our job.

Immaculate Pool Maintenance

  • Debris cleaning and skimming – To keep your pool water looking crystal clean, we take care weekly of the debris like leaves, unwanted trash, and insects, that can make their way into your pool.
  • Pool Brushing – Sediment can collect on the sides and bottom of your pool, that’s why is very important to brush the pool weekly.
  • Empty skimmers and baskets – The debris that falls into your pool will find its way to your skimmers and pumps, and a weekly cleaning is necessary to keep the pool running smoothly.
  • Vacuum – Part of our weekly service includes vacuuming the pool, and we have all the equipment necessary to deal with even the worse pools in no time.
  • Chemical Testing and Adjustments – Weekly testing of all your chemical levels is an important factor in your overall pool water quality and comfort.  We ensure that your chemical levels are perfect using industry best test kits and reagents, making adjustments as needed. 
Pool Service

Other Pool Services

Filter Cleaning

Pool filters trap debris that floats in your pool and falls to the bottom. Regular inspection of your pool filters and pressure is needed to keep the pool water clear. We recommend a filter clean every 6 months.

Heaters & Heat Pumps

Too keep your pool at optimal temperatures a pool heater or heat pump is used. We offer industry leading expertise in the installation, repair, and maintenance of heaters and heat pumps.

Pool Pump & Motors

Essential components of any pool are the pumps and motors. Our trained and certified technicians can help you in case of a repair, and will give you the best option if you need to replace your pool pump.

Automation & Timers

We are experts when it comes to servicing, calibrating, and repairing your timer and automation systems, giving you the peace of mind of saving money while keeping your pool properly operating.

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