Pool Automation and Timers Install & Repairs

Pool timers are a great piece of equipment for those looking to maintain  their pool with less hassle and worry.  With a timer, you don’t’ have the necessity to be there physically to turn your pool’s equipment off and on, the timer will do it for you. Different timers have different capabilities and we are experts in matching which one would work best for your pool depending on your needs.

Some timers are used to solely turn your pool pump off and on.  This kind of timer uses an “on tripper” and an “off tripper” which tells the timer what time to turn on and shut off.  Other timers can control the speed settings of your pool pump as well. It is important to have a certified pool technician install your timer and we are the right company for the job. 

pool timers
pool automation install

We also install pool automation systems that enable the owner to control all the pool equipment and features from a single remote unit.  The brands and equipment we use are always top of the line.  We can even install automation systems that connect to your smart phone.  

Pool automation systems require advanced knowledge of electrical installation and we are experts when it comes to this.  You will also need a wireless connection if you want to install an automation system to your smart phone or virtual assistant such as Alexa by Amazon.  Using an automation system can bring in huge cost savings.  In addition to the cost savings and advanced controls you get with a pool automation system, they are impressive to use especially if you are into high tech gadgets.  Pool automation systems are relatively inexpensive generally costing a few thousand dollars with purchase and installation fees.   They do not need to be installed at the same time your pool is being constructed so it’s a purchase that you can always add on at any time.  When installing a pool automation system, it is important to use our professional services.  The various components that relay the signal from the various systems to the remote control must be properly set up and calibrated.  If something is off from the internet signal to software calibration the system will not work properly.  Luckily, we will be there to trouble shoot any of these issues and your automation system will run flawlessly.   

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