Keep your pool running smooth with a Filter Clean

The pool filter is hardly a complex machine, but it’s importance can’t be inderstated. Your pool filter catches dirt and debri from the pool water keeping it clean and safe to swim in it. There’s 3 different types of pool filters; D.E. Cartridge and Sand/Glass. Depending on the type of filter your pool has the maintenance to keep it running properly will change, but regardless of the type is very important to keep a good pressure and do the regular maintenance.

Pool Filters

As we mentioned pool filters are basic machines, but wear and tear, as well as broken components do occur.  Tanks can crack and be broken, gaskets can wear down, and filter cartridges can be damaged as well. At Blue Water Express we have encountered all the problems and issues that can, and quite often, will occur with your pool’s filter.  Rest assured our certified technicians are ready to asses the problem, whichever pool filter you use.  After our assessment, we will replace broken and worn out parts where needed and correct any anomalies that have occurred.  With our industry experience, this won’t be a difficult fix.  If you need a filter clean or repairs, we’ll be there for you, and you will be able to get back to do what you enjoy most, swimming!    

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